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To get you ready for this 5 Day Summit, Dr. Faith has identified 3 must haves, in order to win the battle over your soul and step into your purpose, You must learn how to shift and train your mind, overcome fear and finally uncover why God created you in the first place.

15 Days Devotional to the True You

You create your world with your words, you wage war against the lies of the enemy by what you believe, the devotional was written to help you learn how to pray prayers that help you step into your true identity and step into your purpose.

If that is not enough, to get the most out of the summit, Dr. Faith has created a workbook that you will use to follow along during the 5 Days so that you can retain what you are learning as you are recording them. In addition, Dr. Faith has written a 15 Day devotional which you will be able to pray through using daily affirmations, answer questions at the end of each section and pray through the prayers she has written out!

The value of this starter kit is way over $40, but is available to you for $5 (Cheaper than a chic-fil-a sandwich). 

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